The Leetonia Community Public Library is an official U.S. Passport Acceptance Agency. This means that some of our staff have trained as Passport Acceptance Agents and are able to process new U.S. Passport applications.

While appointments are not required, we do ask that you give staff plenty of time before the library closes to completely process your application. We suggest you allow 20-30 minutes per passport.

For more information about U.S. Passports, please call the library to speak to an agent or visit

In general, the following documentation is required for all U.S. Passports:

  • DS-11 Passport application
    • Can be filled out electronically on and printed out
    • You may pick up a physical copy of the form from the library ahead of time if you wish
    • Must be filled out in black ink, with no strike-throughs or white-out
  • Proof of Citizenship
    • Certified Birth Certificate
    • Expired US Passport
    • Papers of Naturalization
  • Government-Issued ID
    • Driver’s License or equivalent State ID
  • Fees
    • Processing fee paid to the Leetonia Library
      • Must be cash or check
    • Passport fee paid to the US Department of State
      • Must be Check/Money Order
    • Various other fees may apply depending on your needs.
  • Parental Consent for minors under 18
    • Implied consent for 16/17 year-olds
    • Both parents present for under-16
      • If only one can be present, a notorized DS 3053 must be completed by the other parent.
  • Photo
    • 2”x2”
    • White or off-white background, not removed digitally
    • Glasses must be removed
    • Other rules apply
  • Other documents or forms may be required, depending on circumstances
    • Be sure you have the necessary documentation ahead of time by calling the library or checking


The Library does not do anything with renewals, which are done by you, the passport holder. You will complete a DS-82 and send in your expired passport, photo, and payment on your own.

To determine if your passport is considered a new passport or a renewal, consult the following list, which was taken directly from the DS-82 Renewal Application:

  • I can submit my most recent US passport book and/or card with this application.
  • I was at least 16 years old when my most recent US passport book/card was issued.
  • I was issued my most recent US passport book/card less than 15 years ago.
  • The US passport book/card that I am renewing has not been mutilated, damaged, or reported lost or stolen.
  • My US passport book/card was not limited to less than the normal ten-year validity period due to passport damage/mutilation, multiple passport thefts/losses, or non-compliance with 22 CFR 51.41.
  • My name has not changed since my most recent US passport book/card was issued OR My name has changed by marriage or court order, and I can submit proper certified documentation to reflect my name change.

If you answered 'No' to any of the statements above, your application is not considered a renewal and is instead considered a new passport.